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Build Serverless Application in python within an hour using AWS Chalice

Create and deploy REST API using AWS Lambda and Amazon API gateway AWS Lambda is a fantastic tool to build serverless applications in AWS. Creating and deploying REST API in python using Flask framework with AWS Lambda and Amazon API gateway can be highly complex. AWS Chalice is a framework for making serverless applications in…

How to Create Amazon EMR and Install Dependencies Through Bootstrapping

A guide to create Amazon EMR through web console and Infrastructure as a Code (Terraform) and install external dependencies through bootstrapping. What is Amazon EMR Amazon EMR stands for Amazon Elastic Map Reduce. Amazon EMR is an Amazon service for big data processing and analysis. Amazon EMR is a managed service to create cluster platforms…

Guide to pass AZ-900: Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals

This post is originally published here. The content of Azure fundamentals is relevant for someone who would like to start their cloud journey on Microsoft Azure cloud and further strengthen the understanding of the service offerings, security, support, and infrastructure. Based on my experience, I would recommend to all aspirants creating a strategy on how…

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